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Why SmartBrain.ch is the right choice for your Smarthome in Switzerland

When Andy Frieden, a qualified telematics engineer, took over the SmartBrain company founded in 1995 from his parents, he set his sights on more: More future, more control elements for the Smarthome created by the Friedens, more ease of use for the customer, more attention to solutions that meet the needs of the customer.

The fixation on needs-based solutions just mentioned is particularly evident in SmartBrain's consulting services. Book a consultation directly at your home. After all, you should be able to fully enjoy the convenience of being able to operate blinds, lights, music or the coffee machine via your SmartBrain system. Errors in the system would only be a nuisance. That is why Andy Frieden, the managing director, is constantly working on innovations for SmartBrain and, especially in the lighting sector, it is a matter of honor for him to always be a little ahead of the competition.

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SmartBrain - Smarthomes with passion

SmartBrain has a particular soft spot for lights and over 25 years of experience in the lighting sector. So you as a customer can draw on a quarter of a century of expertise if you decide to control your lighting via SmartBrain. Andy Frieden puts a lot of emphasis on warm, cozy lighting, so he is always developing new forms of indirect lighting at home, knows the most popular functions and creates pure emotion with light.

But that's not all: SmartBrain can turn music on and off anywhere in the house or on individual connected players, lower the blinds or turn off the stove.
And it can even do it on the go via mobile devices, just in case you forget. Its no wonder that smarthome is taking Switzerland and the surrounding EU countries by storm.
SmartBrain relies on quality servers from Loxone, because it is precisely at this point that compromises could have a devastating effect.

Loxone Partner Switzerland

Loxone offers a reliable complete solution for the automation of buildings. SmartBrain has been working with the Austrian product line for many years and can thus ensure the high-quality standard. 

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