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Smarthome - Lighting functions

  • Optimal lighting at the push of a button
  • Uniform light switches with control for music, shading and light
  • Automated lighting moods (e.g., artificial sunrise with alarm clock)
  • Night light (soft lighting when there is movement in the corridors)
  • Individual light setting depending on the room or time of day 
  • Different lighting moods to make the room look different.
  • All controllable via the Loxone App

Smarthome - Temperature control

  • Specified desired temperature per room
  • Energy-efficient temperature regulation in combination with shading
  • Activate heating systems at the touch of a button via the app - for example on the way to your vacation home.
  • Constantly updated temperature and weather information around your house.
  • Shading systems such as roller blinds or sun decks can be set via automated controls - e.g., darken when the sun is shining.
  • Shading can be easily controlled via the Loxone light switch.
  • Optionally, the shading can be automated when absent
  • Significantly higher energy efficiency - cost savings

Smarthome - Music in all rooms

  • Automatic alarm function with music 
  • Stream music in the rooms via Airplay
  • Synchronous music in all desired rooms
  • Music to fall asleep with automatic turn-off function
  • Reminders such as cardboard or paper removal via the speakers
  • Easy control via the Loxone light switch

Smarthome - Security

  • Light - and sound alarm for burglars (expandable by sprinkler system)
  • Fire - and water protection
  • Automatic connection to the proper authorities in case of an emergency
  • Intercom with camera
  • Intercom is automatically linked to the app - so you can see what is happening around the house even when you are away.
  • Absence status for the house at the touch of a button (alarm off, heating optimized, alarm on).
  • All activities in the house can be viewed via the app.

Smarthome - the Loxone App

  • All settings are easy to manage via the app
  • Push notifications in case of weather, doorbell, alarm etc.
  • App permissions can be locked by password (e.g., for children)
  • Control over all rooms as well as shading of the outdoor areas even when you are absent
  • Create simple lighting scenes yourself

Loxone Partner Switzerland

Loxone offers a reliable complete solution for the automation of buildings. SmartBrain has been working with the Austrian product line for many years and can thus ensure the high-quality standard. 

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