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Imagine the following:

You open your eyes, lie in your bed, awakened to an artificial sunrise and your favorite music in the background. You get up, walk through the softly lit hallway into the kitchen, and take the ready cup of coffee from the machine. While enjoying your first cup in the dimmed light, the stereo turns on and informs you about the first important information of the day.
When you arrive at work, a push notification on your cell phone tells you that the front doorbell is ringing. You open the intercom camera and tell the mailman that he can leave the package at the front door. Arriving at your well-deserved evening off after work, your home welcomes you with cozy outdoor lighting. After you end the evening with your favorite series on the TV and the dimmed light of the "Romantic mode", the house automatically switches to sleep mode 30min after you go to bed.

For special events or themed evenings, you can individually emphasize the mood with the appropriate lighting. Whether a variety of changing colors to a celebration or a bright lighting for a game night among friends. Or a romantic evening for two in candlelight in a warm, dimmed atmosphere completed by a glass of red wine. No matter what the occasion - home automation from SmartBrain.ch has the right ambience for every mood. This "Smart Lighting" opens up a new dimension for you and your home.

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Smarthome Schweiz - SmartBrain.ch

The concept of home automation is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. The Smarthome is also increasingly integrated into house planning in Switzerland. Through intelligent programming, lighting is controlled automatically. SmartBrain.ch creates an art form of "Dynamic Lighting" from the purpose of "lighting" and brings it to Switzerland via the Smarthome. Energy efficiency is also a significant benefit. Through the intelligent lighting and the interaction of heating and shading, your home automatically saves energy, which in turn means automatic cost savings for you. Meanwhile, the investment in the conversion is always worth it — because the energy savings will pay for itself within a few years. 

Let yourself be carried away into a world in which the future has already found its way into your own four walls. Impress with an atmosphere that matches your emotions.

Loxone Partner Switzerland

Loxone offers a reliable complete solution for the automation of buildings. SmartBrain has been working with the Austrian product line for many years and can thus ensure the high-quality standard. 

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